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  • We're now on Instagram

    For our mobile users we are now on the social media network Instagram : Christforum's Instagram Page

    Please like and follow us to show your support!

    God bless,

  • #2
    Looks like a great account you have set up - I love the sense of humor with the posts, too! A great way to reach out to more people :)

    • #3
      Nice! Should add more hashtags to each post though in order to get more traffic/visitors so we can grow our forum more!

      • #4
        Good idea this should serve as one great avenue to reach out to more people. I just checked out the page, looks very nice.

        • #5
          I'm not on Instagram, but I love that page! Where did you find some of the images? I have to say "Christianity: We have bacon" is something of an unfair recruiting tool. I'm cooking bacon sarnies for lunch at the moment, and I am so glad they are allowed!

          I agree with turnb43 though, a few more hashtags might help people find the page more easily, and then they can be directed here.

          • #6
            Well even though I do not spend nearly as much time on the site as I once did, I am glad to hear that this is the case and for those who do it is certainly some good news. I am sure there are a lot of good photos to share.
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