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  • Practical Use of the Forum

    Hello members!

    Since some are having issues with the forum format I would like to go over a few things. A lot of the articles here are written by other people, credit is given them, and they are for topic starters in order to promote discussion, dialogue, debate, and fellowship. If you do not understand this, take a sermon at a church for example. When a sermon is given most likely it is not an open forum. However, most churches have Bible studies where the Sermon can be discussed. I know Church and Bible studies are a foreign practice for some here, but if you follow along you'll understand the format.

    For example, I have been transferring articles from the old forum to the new forum. Most of these articles were not written by me. Do not let that stop you from discussing the article like you would a sermon or any other news article.

    God bless,
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