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Christforums' Singles Subforums and Searchable Member Profiles

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    Christforums' Singles Subforums and Searchable Member Profiles

    Hello Members,

    We are excited to bring you news of some Christforums' additions that are under development. Due to financial limitations this will be a slow process over the course of 2016. We will be implementing Searchable profiles with Location Search which will allow members to search for other members within a certain proximity based on country and/or zip code.

    I am asking for your ideas, your suggestions, and even your reservations. Here are some of the ideas I have thus far, and I will consider any input to forward to the developer which will be coding these options.
    1. Members need the ability to opt out from being searched as well as being required to meet the minimum age of 18 years old.
    2. Members need be 18 years of age to be searchable.
    3. Members need the ability to search gender, age, denomination/church, as well as other profile fields such as "interests" or "about me."
    4. Members need the ability to limit the above search to other members that have been online in the last week, month, 3 months, 6 months, year, or ever.
    5. Members need the ability to search zip codes and choose how far from their location in which they are willing to travel example: 10, 50, 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000, 2000 miles.

    There should be a dedicated Search page for Singles separate from that of the forum search, a menu option, and also a module for the front page that can perform "quick" searches which require a visitor to register.

    Besides your input regarding the search engine, I also am requesting your suggestions for Single Subforums. I need names and descriptions. For example:
    • Subforum name: Ask a Guy
    • Subforum Description: Ladies, need a guy's advice? Here's the place to ask your question. Don't be shy.

    Even if you are not single you can help us create a place for our single members by sharing your ideas while this is under development. As is now the above is all I have on paper. Sharing your ideas now will save money, because it costs much more to approach a developer numerous times rather than with a complete picture from the beginning.

    Looking forward to your replies,

    Originally posted by William View Post

    Do to financial limitations
    Ya know in all your writings this is the first time I have seen you misspell one lol, not trying to be a grammer Nazi.

    I would also suggest that searchers be required a minimum amount of posts (like say 5) before being able to use the member profile search feature, I would just rather at least read something from the person before I know he/she is looking through my profile, don`t get me wrong my profile is pretty pathetic lol.

    Oh and keep an eye out for solicitation, people who join and go through profiles and pm, or even public posts trying to sell crap, I don`t think you`ll see much of it here but I have dealt with that before.

      Originally posted by JSB View Post
      Ya know in all your writings this is the first time I have seen you misspell one lol, not trying to be a grammer Nazi.
      Teehee, I corrected it. Thanks for your input JSB, if anything else comes to mind please feel free to forward any suggestions.

      God bless,
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