The Protestant theological system of John Calvin and his successors, which develops Luther's doctrine of justification by faith alone and emphasizes the grace of God and the doctrine of predestination.

The Reformation?

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    The reformers actually reinstated the Church that Christ built though the apostles. Now it seems you're trying to say that the church was built on the apostle Peter as the first Pope, yet Peter never acted as Pope. Nor would Peter allow anyone to bow down to him as the Pope does. Peter is not the rock on which Christ builds His church, the God revealed knowledge that Jesus is the Son of God is the rock.


      Actually the word church itself is part of the problem. The word is better translated as Tyndale originally did and the early Geneva Bible did also as congregation. The NT was written to congregations. Christ found not the congregation on Peter or the Apostles but on himself and Peter's testimony that Jesus is the Christ. For no other foundation can anyone lay than that which is laid,which is Jesus Christ.


        I belong to The Church of Peter! Peter ate fish and he ate bread. He also drank wine. The bible never says he ate or drank anything else so anyone who eats beef, or lamb, or pork, or mutton, or chicken, or turkey, or bison, or eels, or eats potatoes, or vegatables, or fruit, or salads; or drinks water, or 7UP or Pepsi, or Coca Cola or beer, or lemonade or ice tea is wrong and will go to hell!!! :-)


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          You're a hoot!

          God bless,

        Originally posted by David Lee View Post
        And here's my favorite quote by Arminius
        I have spent time studying both Calvinism and Arminianism. as much as I strongly agree with Calvinism I struggle with free will. Why give any invitation when those who will be saved will eventually come to know Him?


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          Those who reject Christ are accountable because they have the freewill to do so. But they can't accept the invention because the freewill is in bondage to the sinful nature. In other words, mans sin has ruined his ability to will what is right.
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