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Please help! Mama with brain damage.

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    Please help! Mama with brain damage.


    My Mama got acquired brain damage from Benzodiazepines taper. She has been suffering from Vision problems and memory loss for the past seven years. We have gone to countless doctors to try and get the proper diagnosis. The biggest problem right now is the vision and confusion. Her vision makes the light too bright and the shadows too vivid. We've tried many different pairs of sunglasses and they only seem to make it worse. We are trying to change the lights in our house because the ones that we currently have makes her feel worse. It has to do with the tenting. I really would appreciate any information someone would have that could possibly help us. Maybe some special type of glasses or lighting. Either post here or PM me. Thanks! They say she has possible Alzheimer, possible Parkinson's, and possible frontaltemporal dementia.

    Also, we are trying to start a Gofundme. We don't have many friends so we are trying to reach out to those who can bless help bless us. With the moderator's permission I would like to post that here: Page Not Found

    We need as much prayer as possible. This is so very hard on her.

    Thank you so much for reading, please feel free to pm me if you know anything about some lights or have some encouraging scripture,

    Hello Snow4fun,

    Sorry to hear about the bad news. My prayers are with you and yours. And welcome to the forum.

    God bless,

      I can only offer my prayers; I have no knowledge about your mother's condition nor methods for accommodation.

      Romans 15:13
      2 Corinthians 1:3-4

      I think that we as humans want God's comfort in ways that make us more comfortable, that ease our physical or emotional hurts. But I think we focus on ourselves, instead of focusing on God. When we focus entirely on God, we have reprieve of our physical or emotional hurts because we are "distracted" from the pains by focusing elsewhere. Not to mean that God or prayer are to be used as distractions, but to use the tools that God has given us. His wisdom for our well-being. Like the joke about slamming your finger with a hammer so you don't feel the pain in your neck. God has given us His Word and His grace and mercy so that we can focus on Him. Our troubles might not disappear as we hope them to, but when our hope and focus is on God, then our troubles are smaller than they might appear when we are grieving or immersed in pain.

      I fear my words are inadequate and perhaps irreverent. I pray that your family will receive God's word from this humble believer.
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