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    Hello Members,

    I am leaving in a moment to the bedside of my wife's 103 year old grandmother. Doctors say she is not going to make it. She is a believer, and is of solid mind even at this point of age and illness. I am requesting prayer for her comfort, and closure for those loved ones there and those that are striving to be there in her final moments.

    I will not be back until Monday, Mods, please monitor the forum and keep it clean.

    God bless,

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    God bless her and welcome her.

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      Just an update as I was able to access wifi. I was surprised at Grandmom's hope and desire to go on, she is hopeful that she will regain her strength, clearly of sound mind, stating things like, "I hope not to be down for long" and "when I regain my strength".... she is awesome. We are hopeful and are siding with her in her fight for life - truly an inspiration.

      God bless,
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