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We need to cry and pray

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  • We need to cry and pray

    [SIZE=16px][FONT=arial]Dear brother
    As a minister for God
    My heart is always firing to serve the gospel,
    Every 5 seconds 9 people are going to die,,.
    6 of them are still not hear the gospel
    What is our role?
    Billions of dollars going to gospel fields
    Millions of ministers are rapidly growing and coming to gospel fields
    But the sad thing is false gospel , prosperity gospel and false practices are spreading well
    Still whole world is with more than 5 billions people need to hear the gospel,,
    We need to go and we need to spel (explain) the gospel to people
    need to unite ,, need to work with dedication
    let us pray for this matter.,,,

    a brother in Gospel fields[/FONT][/SIZE]
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