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Please pray that all my prayers are to the One True God Alone

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  • Please pray that all my prayers are to the One True God Alone

    Please pray for me that all my prayers are directed to the One True God of the Holy Bible and that He is the only God who I worship. I am worried about praying to someone else who I am not supposed to. Please pray against any of that evil stuff happening.

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    I feel your anguish Tony T, & I extend my hand in prayer, God tells us to pray for the unworthy and He will bless you for it! He says that the ones who fall short of His word, need more prayer! You are on the right track to salvation and praying for "someone else you are not supposed to" I think you are very honorable to extend the prayer to someone in need of it!! Having an open heart for those in need, says a LOT for your true character!

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      I don't think it's possible to accidentally pray to the wrong entity. When you pray -- address Him directly -- start out 'Dear heavenly Father' or how ever you feel comfortable addressing Him. The Holy Spirit knows what's in your heart when you pray. And when you're finished sharing your thoughts / feelings with God, you can close by saying -- 'In Jesus name, I pray, Amen".
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