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Grenfell Tower

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  • Grenfell Tower

    On Thursday, Grenfell Tower a 24-storey apartment block in Kensington caught fire, with the residents trapped inside. Thirty are known dead, but the toll may be as high as seventy. Hundreds are homeless. The building keeps relighting, so rescuer workers are at great risk. Horrifically it seems the fire was so bad due to known structural issues, like failing to use fire safe materials and install sprinklers, which had been complained about for the last two years, but ignored by the authorities. It has now turned out that the same may be true of many tower blocks across the capital, including those in my own borough.

    Please could I request prayers for the families who have lost loved ones and their homes?

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    May God rest their souls in the peace. I am really sorry for the loss that can never be the same again. It is hard to bear the pain to loose your love ones. God bless them with patience and happiness in the future. God bless them all.

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      There is at least one miracle in this: a family of five thought to have died in the fire were found alive. The death toll is now at seventy-eight. Sadly it has been confirmed they are unlikely to find any more survivors, and are now on the task of recovering bodies.

      The government are promising a public enquiry. The survivors, the police and the firefighters want a criminal investigation instead. If bureacracy gets its way, it seems justice may be another casualty.
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