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A prayer for peace all over the world

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  • A prayer for peace all over the world

    In 2017 the world is going through most critical days. There is a war going on in every country. People are killing each other without any reason. We have forgotten the values of humanity. People don't have fear of God and they don't follow him. I want to request you to pray for international peace. God bless us all with his blessings and save us from hard days.

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    We will have world peace when Jesus returns and sets up his thousand year kingdom. I doubt if we will experience it before then.
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      The world has never been in the state in the peace. Every day wars are raised, people are killed. We humans can never make peace, we can only make wars. May God guides us to establish peace.

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        I pray immense suffering fall upon the heathen and myself. This is the path to peace.
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