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Prayer for temptation

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  • Prayer for temptation

    I will try to be baptized today at a nearby baptist church. I've tried at multiple churches to be baptized but they refused and offered to "schedule" it for later dates. In the case that this church accepts my plead to be baptized, pray that when I am taken into temptation that I be strengthened.

    Edit: The baptist church did not offer baptism; how ironic. I was baptized an hour ago at a non-denominational church and am now saved.
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    I would pray that when you are taken into temptation that you will be strengthened. I would pray that God bless you and make your wishes come true. You have chosen a good way of life and you should keep on trying for it.

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      It is better to get in touch with spiritual activities rather than wasting your time in modern world activities. I wish God make you successful in your hard work to be a noble and spiritual person. I will pray that you will be strengthened while you are taken into the temptation.
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