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Justme, update on my health

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    Justme, update on my health

    Praise the LORD! I am doing better! Last Wed. June 1, I was able to sleep in our bed for the first time, from last February. I was able to use my sleep-apnea machine. I was able to sleep for 6 hours, before I was only able to sleep 2 hours at a time. God has given me rest I do desperately needed.

    I have been involved with a pain management clinic but so far not much has helped. However I am scheduled for two trails on two different electronic devices to see if anyone helps. One is worn out side, if that does not help then there is one device that is surgically implanted after a trial of using it on the outside. Both of these are experimental, and are covered by the VA and done by outside specialists who deal with spinal cord issues.

    I am able to sleep which is so wonderful. Oh thank you my deal Jesus!

    Thank you for all your prayer on my behalf. Pray one of thes devices will help. Bless you all.


    I'm glad to hear that you are better.
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      Praise God! Glad you can get some decent sleep now! Praying one of the devices will help you manage your pain.

        That must have been really awful to get only 2 hours a sleep at a time.
        Praise the Lord your situation has improved.

        Every day is a testimony to His abundant mercy.
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