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Prayer for the people and their families that were hurt at the Arianna Grande Concert in Manchester

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  • Prayer for the people and their families that were hurt at the Arianna Grande Concert in Manchester

    I know we probably already have prayed in our own space and time for the people who were killed over there, but I ask you to remember that most in attendance that night were children and teenagers because that is who Arianna Grande fans are. We need to pray for the terrorists too, and pray that whatever is going on with them, that they come to realize that this is not the way to solve a problem. We need to pray for those that were hurt in this terrible incident. We need to pray for the ones who survived without any hurt because of the amount of guilt and grief that comes with knowing that you made it out okay when others did not. We need to pray that people find their loved ones whether they be alive or dead in the arena. Lastly let us pray for Arianna who was deeply shaken from this event even though it happened after the concert ended.

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    I have no idea what is like to go through such a terrorist attack and hope I never will. May God have mercy.

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      Terrorism is not a human behaving act. It is a coward act done by terrorists. They don't belong to any religion and they should be punished. We should pray for their souls who died in this attack and pray for those who got injured. We should pray to God to show us the straight path. All those soul rest in peace.

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        I agree that they should be punished, but the Bible does teach us to pray for our enemies too. It's easy to pray for the ones that we love, but the test is in praying for those that we don't like very much. We need to pray that they loose these notions to kill themselves and everybody else with them. We need to pray that they stop their violent and wicked ways and find a better way to attempt to change the world. Seriously, they are just people trying to change the world too, but they are going about it in all the wrong ways.

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          I can't believe how some people go about doing such acts of violence towards who have not hurt them nor disrespect them in any way, i wish to the people involved and their families.

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            God bless all who were impacted by this awful act in any way. I think it's a good idea to also pray that others like the terrorist will see how wrong it is, how many innocent people were affected, and realize it's not the answer.

            I was taught to pray in any situations like this, even when you hear a siren go by, or hear something on the local news. Can you imagine the healing power? People don't even know that somebody, somewhere is praying for them, but God's hand is upon them.

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              I condemn the acts of killing people. Killing people in what ever name is never justified. I hate when bombs are dropped in civilian area in Afghanistan (muslim settlements) and I also hate terrorist acts such as Manchester bombing (Christian population). May God punish those who kill people. I pray for the welfare of the victims.
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