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Prayer request for my health

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  • Prayer request for my health

    I am suffering from fever and flu. I have pain in my body so I am much upset due to it. I mostly have a chest infection. I do request to you all pray for my health and wish that I get well soon. Yesterday I was unable to come on this forum as I was not feeling well. I will be really thankful to you all. A prayer request to you all and especially to Willliam.

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    I wish you a good health and happy life. God helps those who help themselves. Try to take care of your health. Eat and drink health and go to a doctor. Pray for yourself too. I will pray for your health. God Bless you. Ask me if i can do anything else for you.

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      Hello Querishi,
      thanks for sending me a private message, I really appreciate that. I feel bad that you are not well. When you have fever and flu, you should stay indoor, keep yourself warm and drink plenty of hot drinks.
      I will remember you in my prayers. May God give you courage.

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        Praying for a swift recovery!

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          Thanks a lot, all of my friends who prayed for me. After having proper medication and by the grace of God I am now enjoying a good health. I want you to keep praying for me.There are a lot of responsibilities on me by God. Ii I will stay sick then I would not be able to give proper time to the things and everything will be messed up. Once again thank you for praying for me as I am feeling better now.

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            I wish you a good health and a happy life forever. God help those who helps themselves. You must take care of your health. Avoid taking food that does not meet your health needs. Stay away from everything that causes disease for you. I will pray for you. It is nice to hear that you are fine now.

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              That's life, regardless of how much you try to do everything right in order to avoid either sickness or unfortunate events, we're all bound to, but the best thing is to never give up and have faith in God.

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                Prayer has tremendous power. Prayer helps in our wellbeing as well as wellness. These spiritual healing is one of the most talked topics in alternative therapy. I believe prayers help in fast recover whether you have minor ailments or major diseases.
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