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  • Prayer request for my health

    I am suffering from fever and flu. I have pain in my body so I am much upset due to it. I mostly have a chest infection. I do request to you all pray for my health and wish that I get well soon. Yesterday I was unable to come on this forum as I was not feeling well. I will be really thankful to you all. A prayer request to you all and especially to Willliam.

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    I wish you a good health and happy life. God helps those who help themselves. Try to take care of your health. Eat and drink health and go to a doctor. Pray for yourself too. I will pray for your health. God Bless you. Ask me if i can do anything else for you.

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      Hello Querishi,
      thanks for sending me a private message, I really appreciate that. I feel bad that you are not well. When you have fever and flu, you should stay indoor, keep yourself warm and drink plenty of hot drinks.
      I will remember you in my prayers. May God give you courage.

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        Praying for a swift recovery!

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          Thanks a lot, all of my friends who prayed for me. After having proper medication and by the grace of God I am now enjoying a good health. I want you to keep praying for me.There are a lot of responsibilities on me by God. Ii I will stay sick then I would not be able to give proper time to the things and everything will be messed up. Once again thank you for praying for me as I am feeling better now.
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