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Prayer for overcoming financial problems

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    Prayer for overcoming financial problems

    Almost everyone believes in God and we know that he listens to our prayers and he fulfill them. I am suffering from financial crises from last 2 years. I tried to overcome these problem by hard work but i am unable to cover them. I need some suggestion about some special prayer to get this problem solved.

    William is helping us a lot by showing us the path of light. He is giving us hope to be succeeded in this life and the next life. I would love to hear from him and others too.
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    Originally posted by jahanzeb ali qureshi View Post
    I need some suggestion about some special prayer to get this problem solved.
    I have no suggestions for you but I will pray that God will show you the solution to your problems.
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      Even though it is a quite difficult time for you and your family, you have to stay strong and keep fighting and don't let this break your soul or spirit. God will listen to you and help you through this difficult situation.

        Prayer does not solve your problem directly. If you pray for money, God will not give you money. However, through prayer you will gain courage, power and positive vibe. This will help you to work harder, smarter, and efficiently. Then finally once day your wish will be fulfilled. I don't think you can petition the lord with prayer.
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