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Prayers please, for the victims of the London Terror attack today.

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  • Prayers please, for the victims of the London Terror attack today.

    At least one dead, many more wounded, after a "presumed" terrorist attempted to storm the Houses of Parliament in a four-wheel drive. He mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge and ploughed through civillians, causing most of the casualties, before he rammed the gates of Parliament. The culprit was shot by police before he got further, but one officer was stabbed and their prognosis is unknown. Government is suspended, with the Cobra committee (our governmental emergency response) meeting tonight.

    Please can I request your prayers for the victims of the attack, and those harmed doing their jobs protecting others?

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    I pray to god for all the poor souls and innocent bloods spilled because of this terrorist activity. I feel sad for all the families who lost their loved ones. May their souls rest in peace.

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      Praying for England tonight 🙏

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        May their Souls rest in peace. May God grant the victims strength to forgive the wrong done to them and overcome their grief and make the people involved in these terrorist activities to realize their mistake and come back to God. Amen.

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          When I first heard what happened on the news I felt sad inside because it's another terrible tragedy where innocent people die and get hurt badly. Yes the victims are definitely in my prayers and I also want to pray for peace in this world. I also hope and pray that there won't be anymore attacks here in the United States as well. I don't know what tomorrow may bring but I know that I can continue to make a positive difference and to help others in need. Amen!

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            LORD please have mercy on the souls of those who lost their lives from this HORRIFIC terror attack. May they find find everlasting peace with you. In JESUS name, Amen

            And let the evil plans of wicked looking to perpetuate evil fall on them.
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