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  • Prayer for peace

    Recently I have been very depressed. I still am. I don't know what the problem is. I just am getting so much of negative feelings. My friends please pray for me, so that I can find peace within myself. I return to my old self of being positive always.

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    Father in the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray for son right now that every spirit of depression should leave him now in Jesus mighty name. The bible say "If the son of God set you free, then you are free indeed. There for you are free of depression spirit in Jesus name, Amen.

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      Thanks Timothy for praying for me. Prayers work miracles and I know that my problem will be solved too.

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        Originally posted by anupamas2 View Post
        Thanks Timothy for praying for me. Prayers work miracles and I know that my problem will be solved too.
        If for no other reason we are to pray to our Father because it pleases Him. God's timing and our timing might not be aligned, but we should know that God has the Elect's best interest at heart.

        God bless,

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          Hey, Timothy, The kingdom of God is righteousness, PEACE and, joy (Rom 14:17); I am declaring peace over you today.

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            Whatever situation that's causing you depressed my prayer is may God turn it around to become such that will bring you abundant joy. Receive strength and may God be with you always.

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              Thank you everyone for praying for me. I feel much better even though the cause of my depression is still there. I know that with time that too will go.

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                I feel the same. WE ARE HUMAN. GOD IS PERFECT. Stop judging yourself. Live and let God be the One who never makes mistakes here.....

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                  The book of Timothy tells us that we that we have not been given a spirit of fear but of power and sound mind. He who is in you is greater than he who is in this world. He is bigger than the fear and negative thoughts.

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                    Unfortunately, peace is something that is missing a lot on earth.

                    We have to pray a lot for this, because without peace we'll not go very far.

                    But I'm sure God is looking at all of us and He will act at the right time.

                    I'm sure God will help you very soon. Don't lose your faith and pray asking Him to light your way.
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