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Pl pray for our Mission (ministry) works

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    Pl pray for our Mission (ministry) works

    Dear brethren
    I thank God for His opportunity for me to join here
    I request you all to pray for our works in ministry

    1. We are working on out reach mission with two teams.. they are going to remote areas,. undeveloped villages,. they need your prayers to go in strong way to do right work and to reap (cultivate) the better results.. i mean souls to kingdom of God

    2. We are with church planting team too.. when out reach team is getting some response and good results, this church planting team is going there and doing some fallow up work for new people who came to accept our Lord Jesus.. Slowly they are leading new people to plant a new church.

    3. We are giving training to new ministers in our bible college.. we are already send 23 ministers to fields.. now they are working in fields,.. pl pray for this bible college which is giving some training for 30 new people to make them as new generation ministers.. to spread the gospel of Jesus././

    4. As we are sending ministers,, as they are doing planting work.. they are with needs.. we are hardly working to feed their family.,. i mean we are supporting them in their regular needs.. this is very hard work but grace of God doing some thing.. lot of times we are failing to reach the task.. we need your prayers..

    5. According to ACTS book.. according to new testament church truth.. we are doing some works and helps for widows, orphan kids who are in our working area villages.. pl pray for them

    MANY TIMES WE HAVE TROUBLES.. but God is only doing all in His grace.. i request you all to pray,.,, for these main ministry matters,.. i will post another prayer request soon.. pl pray for above matters..
    God bless you all
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