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Join Me In A Prayer For Our Nation

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    Join Me In A Prayer For Our Nation

    Heavenly Father

    We come before you with knees bent and heads bowed. We ask you for your guides and wisdom on this election day. We prayer that whatever happens that You will bless this nation and turn the hearts and minds of our leaders and citizen to the one and only source of salvation, Christ Jesus. Bring Your blessing upon us. Pour out your mercy and grace upon us. Though we are not worthy of your blessings, it is our request, not for ourselves, but for the future of our children, family, friends, and our nation. No matter who wins this election we know that it is You who guide the whole of creation. No human leader can supply us with our daily needs. Only You can bring about a change in this world. We submit to Your will in all things so that Your glory, and the glory of the Son, may be revealed to the world.

    We proclaim as Job did so long ago: "The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, Blessed be the name of the Lord." No election, no human leader can change that. No matter what happens "Blessed be the name of the Lord." Your will Lord, Your will is our only hope, so we place our trust in you Father, and in Your believed Son. In all things Your will, not ours.

    Cover us with the blood of the Savior, our only means of redemption. Cleanse this nation from sin and iniquity. Establish justices and righteousness. Heal us Father.

    In the name of the beloved Savior, Christ Jesus Your Son, we pray. Amen.

    [Please feel free to add to this prayer.]
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    Lord God, please if it be thy will, let not Satan put his hand on our leadership, please Lord direct us in the right path, and guide our choice in the path of righteousness before it is too late. Lord my heart tells me we face a demon who is Satan's aide, who will lead your people I n to corruption. Stay Satan's hand Lord. I pray for your guidance and truth, Father.

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