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Creation in Texas public schools

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    Creation in Texas public schools

    It might become hard or impossible for teachers in Texas public schools who believe in creation to express their opinions.

    Teaching creationism in Texas public schools may become illegal next year.

    In September, a group of educators chosen by the Texas Education Agency to streamline the state’s science curriculum standards removed portions of four passages that contained creationist language. The new standards must still be approved by the Texas State Board of Education where creationists are fighting to reverse the changes. The board members, unlike the education agency staff, are elected officials. That means the fate of creationism in Texas could be determined on Election Day.

    If the decision stands, it would be a major blow to political creationism and the first time in a decade for any state’s creationism policy to be overturned.

    Written in 2009, Texas’s creationist standards include a requirement for students to learn “all sides” of scientific theories like evolution and to “analyze and evaluate scientific explanations concerning the complexity of the cell.” They also call for students to analyze the “sudden appearance, stasis, and sequential nature of groups in the fossil record.”
    You can learn more about this here: Creationism in Texas Could Go Extinct on Election Day

    We need to pray that Christian teachers in Texas will be able to teach their students the truth about creation.
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