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Prayer for Professional growth

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  • Prayer for Professional growth

    Please offer your prayers for my professional growth. I seem to have been stuck in this position for too long. I really need to go forward. Due to this I am having financial problems too. Please pray that we may overcome our financial difficulties and that I may get promotion in my job.

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    I will pray that God will show you his will for your life. Have you considered the possibility that God has kept you form being promoted because he wants you in another line of work? The first step in being successful in our work is to make sure we are doing the work God has called us to do.
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      Lord, please let anupamas2 experience your blessings, however you may choose to bestow them,

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        Thank you almostgreta for your prayers.
        Thanks Theophilis for your prayers. I love my job. I would like to have promotion in the same department. I know, maybe God has some other plans for me. I moved to the last round of interview and then was not selected. This is what I thought, that maybe God did not want me to go to some other department, do some other work. Maybe he wants me where I am. But I could really do with some financial help, which will happen only if I get some promotion. Please do pray that God show's me what He wants from me. Where am I lacking?

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          Hi, anupamas2, I had the same dilemma as well in the past. It's really hard to make money these days but God will surely provide. Just believe in him and your capabilities always. Don't forget to always call for him even if you don't have any problems. My tip for your my brother while you are waiting is to take action even for the simplest things because if He sees you doing the right things, he will save you, for God helps people who help themselves. God bless you, my friend! :)
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