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Prayer for Protestant Church in Kiribati

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    Prayer for Protestant Church in Kiribati

    please help my church to become one one church splits in two...the reason is that church leaders changed the name from Kiribati Protestant Church (KPC) to Kiribati Uniting Church (KUC) convincing people that its only name changed but our faith as protestant doesn' those (believers and high educated people) who don't agree with the new name protested and causing the separation of people and the worst part of it was that people started to go against Pastors, no more respect for now what happened was that those who want the old church follow the order while some stay with the new named church....
    please pray for us protestants in Kiribati to be united again....please help us to overcome Church rapture!

    After reading this post I did some research about the Kiribati church and came across this link: Kiribati Protestant Church (K.P.C.)

    If the information in it is accurate the church in Kiribati definitely needs our prayers.
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