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Flooding in Lousiana

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  • Flooding in Lousiana

    I would like to ask for help praying for those affected by the flooding in Louisiana. The federal government came out today saying the flooding is the worst disaster we have suffered as a nation since Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast. I have been keeping all of the people who live and have relatives in the affected area in my prayers. I would also ask that everyone pray for all the emergency service personnel not just in Louisiana but everywhere across our great country and the world.

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    I will definitely be praying for them.
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      It is so sad what these people are having to go though, again. They are most certainly in my prayers, and I do happen to have a cousin who lives down there so I hope that he is okay and safe. I heard on the news that less than one third of people there have flood insurance too, which just adds onto the already horrible situation, and you just know that afterwards will not see much relief. Let's hope that the community can rise up and overcome, and I have faith that they can. Thank you for sharing and God Bless.
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