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A prayer for our home.

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  • A prayer for our home.

    Sometimes last year I felt this burden to intercede for God's family. It is quite obvious that the devil is gradually luring our children from our hands with the tools of deception he had launched into the society. And our growing sons and daughters in their teen always fall prey of this mischief. I'll encourage us to pray for our home especially our children. They are the ones that will take after us when we've gone to be with the Lord, and if we don't stand in prayer for their future the devil will take advantage.

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    I think praying for our homes and our children is a great prayer. Starting with what is closest to us is a wonderful strong foundation to then pray for other things. I pray for my home and my family every day, and I will pray for the homes of others and their children too.

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      Well sometimes people can lose their way, and certainly our children are always in the back of our minds when we think about that. The evil can work its way in and do damage, but I would like to think that with prayer and support that the good can come around. The good news is that the Lord is there for you, as are the people here and everywhere who have dealt with similar issues, which I am sure are plenty of us, I know I am in there. You will certainly be in my prayers. Thanks for sharing and God Bless.
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