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Prayer for my mom please

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  • Prayer for my mom please

    Just yesterday my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 1 and I was quite shock. The doctors said that she can do a surgery which mean getting rid on of her breast but that isn't a problem to me. What I'm concerned is that it will spread after the surgery. Please pray for her to get well.
    - Thank you

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    I will pray for her. Breast cancer is usually curable if it is detected early enough.
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      I will pray. Trust Lord in the midst of anxiety. Have faith in him and have victory.

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        May the lord give you and your family strength, and praying for health. God bless you and yours.

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          Well qwertyxd your mother will be in my prayers, and I am sorry for the bad news. Cancer is always a difficult thing to deal with for families, and I have had to do so a couple of times here in the last few years. Support and prayers are probably two of the most important things that you can give, and so I wish her the best and you and your family as well.
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