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My addiction.

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  • My addiction.

    In this thread I'm gonna unveil one more secret of my life which a couple of people know i.e. I'm addicted to pornography. I haven't told my parents as they're unbelievers and against my faith. I become believer since late December 2015. But I was addicted to it since past four years. I love all the people here in this forum and I know you all gonna include me in your prayer. I am alone with almost no believer around me but this forum and some other websites like Life.Church and helped me and strengthen and made me more closer to who is God and who is Jesus and their love. Thanks all here. Thanks for your prayers. I agree with all of you in Jesus' name. Amen

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    I will pray that God will help you overcome your addiction. I will also pray for your parents, that they will become believers.
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      It gets better. All addictions can be overcome with enough dedication, and maybe you can ask God for assistance, give Him some of your burdens, and He will help you out. Addiction needs to be resolved with tremendous amount of effort and dedication, but if you work on it hard enough, I'm sure you will find the solution to your problems. I believe that you would be able to vanquish your demons eventually, and that having a sense of belief or faith on a higher being that can help you out is a good place to start.

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        Every one has some form of addiction. I pray you find the strength to overcome it
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