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Giving Thanks

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    Giving Thanks

    My wife Trysch graduated from college this last Friday on the 19th of May. Ever since we have known each other she has been busy working or going to school. Our first date many years ago was even cut short because she had to study for a quiz. I can only imagine the happiness she may experience in having less stress and more leisure time. I give thanks to God for seeing us through these years.

    Curious, for you married couples, do you have mutual hobbies with one another? My wife loves Swing Dancing, and now that we have time I think we'll both take lessons, though we have already completed the beginners class. We also tried Kayaking a month ago and loved it.

    Here's Trish and I after her Graduation Ceremony. I'll never forget how windy and chilly it was in Santa Cruz on this day.

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    Congratulations Trysch

      Thanks for sharing this picture from you and your wife William, you are both great and you definitely seem to be a caring couple. Certainly congratulations to Trysch from her achievement! I think it's pretty great for a couple to have mutual hobbies. Eventually swing dancing is not something you love, maybe you prefer kayaking, but you do both, you are both pleased and that's how couples manage to extend their relationships with love.

        Thank you! It's been a long process, and very happy to have achieved my goal!
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