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Let's pray for people suffering from addictions

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  • Let's pray for people suffering from addictions

    Drug and alcohol addiction is on a serious rise in our country, especially along the Indian Ocean coast. I have seen the adverse effects the practice has on the society such as increase in juvenile crime and loss of lives. Let's pray for God to arrest the situation and help the addicts find help and change their ways.

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    Yes, I think that is an excellent thing to pray for. There is so much of that in this country right now and it has really reached an epidemic in many areas of the country. There are too few rehabs and courts are being flooded with new cases every day. I think praying for the addicted is a great thing to do.

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      Drug and alcohol addiction is increasing across the globe as you say, and it seems that all the drug awareness programs and rehabilitation centres aren't helping to stop what's going on.

      These people do need help, and aswell as the physical help, spiritually they need to be guided on to the right path. A lot of people when they get so low don't know where to turn, and its important that they know that God is with them whenever they need strength and help.

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        Thank you for this thread. I have several family members who are suffering from addictions, nicotine, alcohol and drugs. It's such a shame because they are bright people, they could do with so much more in their lives. But they waste their money and time on these addictions, affecting the people around them. And most of all, they are affecting their own lives in a negative way. They can't get stable jobs or even take care of their families.

        And then there's the functional addicts, who can work and get by with their lives. But they have a deep secret, in their own time, they are addicts. They drink more alcohol than the average person. They do drugs when everyone else is asleep.

        I pray for all these people. May they be enlightened and seek guidance from God. It is only through God and Him alone that they can repent and change. They need someone to help them understand what might be missing in their lives. I hope their families can also be their hope in their trying times.


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          I know so many people that are suffering right now. Alcohol, eating disorders, anxiety, mental illnesses. I wish my friends could only see what brilliant people they are if they could only cast off their shackles and face themselves like they really are. Many of them are so burdened by these weights that they only see a small portion of who they really are. I pray for these people that they may someday gain the strength to free themselves of these weights and see themselves for who they really are.

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            I've worked in hostels and drug rehabilitation centres and one of the things I've found is that people with addictions can only be helped if they want to be helped. It's them that have to make that first step.

            There's no point in preaching to people about what they should do with their life, if they aren't open to change, just like there's no point in making a non-believer go to church on a Sunday, its got to be something they're open to, and want to do themselves for a change to happen.

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              Praying for the people with several addictions is good.One of the best prayer items every church must have during their prayer meetings.Actually the Lord Jesus came for these set of people in reference to the book of Mark chapter 2 verse 17" On hearing this, Jesus said to them, "It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners." Truly the Lord Jesus came for them to release them in every bondage they were in right now be it drugs, alcohol, pornography, sexual addiction,idolatry of themselves and of any other thing that replaces our worship for the Lord. An eye-opener for me as a believer in the Lord to include these things in my private devotions to the Lord.

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                I pray those addicted will be healed and shown God's way...the way for them. God, please bless and protect those addicted to substances that are harmful to them. Amen.

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                  I pray for their healing everyday as well. My wonderful father - whom we love and miss deeply after all these years - lost his life to alcohol addiction as well. It's a terrible disease, and I believe its sufferers deserve our patience, understanding and constant support. I pray for all the victims of addiction.

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                    Well as someone who is thankful to say that I might have benefited from those prayers a couple of years ago, I say keep them coming. Addictions are something that people everywhere deal with and it has devastating effects on family and social lives. The key is help, from both sides, and prayers certainly help. I am lucky to be alive, and I know that there are countless others out there who have the same issues that I had to struggle through. My prayers are certainly with them everyday and I hope that they can find their inner strength.

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                      please help me delete repeated posts.

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                        Many accidents have resulted from consumption of alcohol by rogue drivers who don't care about passengers lives. This has made many to lose their loved ones and workmates. I know that God will hear our prayers and touch hearts of alcoholics so that they can change their lifestyles.
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                          I pray for all those who are suffering with addiction and think they have no way out. I hope they find kindness in their life and know that they're stronger than they think.

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                            This is something that has been heavy on my heart for a while. My uncle passed away several years ago as a result of his alcoholism, so I often find myself praying for those suffering from addictions, particularly around the time of his passing. It's coming up in August, and just seeing this thread made me think that he is watching over me, giving me a bit of a sign to stay positive and keep the prayers up for others.

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                              Addiction is not something that is really rampant from where I came from but I believe as we lift up holy hands and pray everywhere as children of God whose Father always hear their call, There will be a revival and we will not lose our loved ones to addictions again in Jesus name.
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