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Please pray for our OUT REACH WORK needs

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    Please pray for our OUT REACH WORK needs

    Dear brethren
    we have planned to have some gospel camps and gospel crusades in 20 different villages and towns
    we request you all to pray for these matters
    I am adding few requests for prayers here
    1. in all 20 camps we need to bring sound system from rent shop,, so this year we want to purchase some better audio (sound) system to have in own
    we need to purchase this sound system
    2 we need to print near 100 000 gospel tracts to distribute in out reach areas
    3 we need to fix the gospel vehicle matter, now we are hiring,, need to fix this matter
    4. we need few hand mics for open preaching on streets
    5. we need few others as team needs in time to time
    I request you all to pray for these matters.
    thank you for your prayers,,
    praying for you,,
    your brother in Jesus.

    What's the denominational affiliation of this outreach?

      I will pray that God will give you all you need to carry out his work.
      Clyde Herrin's Blog

        Originally posted by Cornelius View Post
        What's the denominational affiliation of this outreach?
        Christ is the goal, no divisions in Christ.. we are fallowing new testament faith.. and we are non charismatic, and we are evangelicals and some how we are baptists too,

          I pray for your group to have God's guidance leading to people coming to God.

            I pray that the Lord supplies your group with everything it needs to become successful.

              I pray that Lord Jesus Christ be your guide and meet all your needs.

                I am not belongs to any denomination.. once i was started in job period and planted few churches.. later left the job and came to ministry with dedication to work in a remote area which is not my native.. so many hardships,.,. slowly this is become as a ministry in 26years period,.., i am fallowing new testament full gospel truth.. like evangelicals and fundamentals.. salvation is free gift.. i am not a pastor but Holy spirit is,,, i am working as preacher in the hands of God,.,. i am tool... i am just body member of the body of the Christ which is unit of living souls.. thank you for asking..
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