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Who has changed me?

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  • Who has changed me?

    Before I believed in the God, although I treated my friends with a sincere heart, in actual life, when their benfits were involved, their attitude towards me was the deception and betrayal. At that time my heart was hurt and contusioned deeply ,gradually, my attitude towards them was transformed from the love into the hate. As time went by, our unpleasant memories gradually fade out of my memory , but when I faced them, I still hated them, so my heart was very painful. Later, when the gospel of the God came to me , my cold heart was moved and melted deeply by the God's love for mankind and his great tolerance and patience, especially when Jesus was crucified enduring the great pain, He also prayed : "Father, forgive them! they do not know what they're doing ." I saw God treated the mankind who regarded Him as an enemy, when He endured the great pain He still said such a word , remained unchanging compassion and care for the mankind. Reminding my doings, I feel ashamed and uncomfortable. My friends and I are sinners , we all involuntarily sin, and why I always hated others, why I did not treat the people around me following the example of God 's love for the mankind? As I realized it , I gradually took them to be my friends with my true heart, then I get along with them very harmoniously, so my soul is full of peace and joy. Some of my friends said:”Although we do not believe in the God, we think that believing in the God is good, because you became more understanding and tolerant after you believed in the God . “ Now I change a few, because that God takes His love as the model for me, and I also see that Christ is the truth , the way and the life, only God can change the mankind. God bless !

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    Hey Hoolep!

    Isn't it incredible how God changes us? Of course, anyone is capable of "being nice and respectful" regardless of their religious beliefs, but the genuine love from a true believer is something that blows the minds of those that don't know Jesus! His love is a transforming power and it's incredible just to get to be part of that to show others His glory!

    You know, there is this popular verse that says "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.", which is 2 Corinthians 5:17. When God changes us, He creates a new heart within us with new desires. It's hard loving people at times, but He grants us the strength to do us, through the power of the Holy Spirit. If we rely on Him daily, He will give us the strength to endure and to best put His glory on display for others to see!

    Grace & Peace!

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      It is amazing that God made us in His own likeness. He gave us authority to look over the other things that he had created which also extends His love. God wants us first to accept that we are sinners. We must live to be prayerful and God fearing citizens. We should not forget to ask for his forgiveness in we want His favor.

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        Awesome. The Law required us to change our hearts in ourselves but God loved all of us so much that when we see we aren't able to do this and deserved eternal death, he incarnated himself in the being of Jesus as the Christ to not only save us but to transform us from the wickedness to righteousness and made us a new creation in him. We're not worthy but still he did a lot for us which we couldn't repay even we've done thousands of good work. For its by grace we're saved, not by the works of the law. The law brings condemnation but the Spirit gives us life.
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