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A little testimonies about honest

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    A little testimonies about honest

    Yesterday afternoon I broke a bottle of red wine when I was working,but nobody knew it.At that time,I was so nervous,because that wine is so expensive,it is worth my two days' salary. Then I made a determination to hide the truth,but my heart was uneasy and accused.Because I'm a Christian.If I'm not honest,God will loathes me.But,if I tell the truth ,perhaps I will pay my two days'salary for it.It is too hard to choose.I prayed to God,"God !May you give me faith and strength to tell the truth,I want to be honest."After prayer,my heart calm down and I was full of faith.At last,I told the truth to my manager,to my surprise ,he not only didn't ask me to pay for the wine,but also he praised me.He said ,"You are the most honest one I have ever seen in this company.In fact,many bottles of red wine were broken,but nobody admits,you are the fist and only one to tell the truth.You are really something!"Heard this ,I thank and praise God from my heart.In this experience,I appreciate that it is the most meaningful to be honest

    Thank you for your testimony.

    Being honest is the right thing, even if not always the practical thing. But, what type of people should we be if the things of this world are fleeting while virtue is eternal?

    I doubt many employers would make an employee pay for accidental damage. There are significant legal limitations on an employer's ability to collect for damages. There's also consequences for morale for what he employer does. If he charges you, you'd likely become a bit disgruntled. And, all the employees would be signaled that the boss is an exacting man, not one to be liked, and not one to be honest with. It would also cost him a lot more than the cost of a bottle of expensive wine if he fired you or caused you to quit.

    Anyway, no bottle of wine is worth even two hour's of pay, let alone two days of pay. But, wine can be expensive.
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