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Hi I just signed on tonight

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  • Hi I just signed on tonight

    Hi everyone. I just signed up a few minutes ago, so am going to say some things about myself, to acquaint myself to all of you. I am a wife of 45 + years, mother of 2, grandmother of 4. We lost our first born son to the war in Afghanistan back on July 17, 2006, and life has been an uphill struggle since that day. We are an elderly retired military couple, and we have one dog now, and just one cat now, too. I do feed some of the feral cats who would starve without help from someone. I love animals, so volunteering to feed them was a natural fit for me. I met Jesus way back in May of 1975, even though I'd been baptized in the Lutheran Church back when I was 18. When I joined the Lutheran Church back in 1968, the term 'born again' was reserved for the 'fringe' people, and was almost a foreign concept. At least we were not taught anything about it while taking Lutheran catechism classes before being baptized. :)

    But, right before I decided to make my uncle happy and attend at least one catechism class at his Church, I ran into a little, elderly lady outside of my uncle's church one Sunday, who came up to me and told me that the Lord wanted her to speak to me--about being 'born again', and making Him my Lord and Savior. I didn't know what to say to her, so I just smiled, told her 'thank you', then hurried away. However, later on that week, she came to my house--how she knew where I lived I have no idea!--and, she proceeded to try and convert me, but all she did was convince me she was a 'religious kook', at the time--even though she was one of the nicest ladies I'd ever met, I had not one clue as to what she was trying to convince me about when it came to the Lord! So, even though she was convinced I had been converted, or saved, by the time she left, so she left my house very happy about it all, I thought she had to be kidding, that becoming a Christian couldn't be that easy--just asking Jesus into your heart and life--I felt it just had to be more formal, and complicated that that!

    It took our heavenly Father 7 more years to finally lead me to realize that what I needed in my life was not another Church, and not another 'idea', but it was His Son, Jesus, whom I genuinely needed, and He led me to His Son after I found myself in the biggest mess of trouble anyone could find themselves in, and I cried out to Him to help me "Please!"--He did, and what transpired from that day onward was so incredible, and it ended in my finally recognizing my need to repent, then ask Jesus to please forgive me, and ask Him to please be my Lord and Savior. Once that occurred, life has never been the same for me again, and I will be forever thankful and grateful to God and Christ for all they've done for me, and for my family thanks to my salvation!

    You know the saying from the old tv show about New York City? "There are 8 million stories in the naked city...." Well, thanks to what God and Christ have done for me I now feel as though that's about how many stories I could tell all by myself. :)


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    Hi Christine, and welcome to the forum!

    God bless,

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      Welcome to the forum. I am looking forward to hearing some of those stories.
      Clyde Herrin's Blog

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        An interesting story, Christine...thanks! ...and welcome,


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          Hi Christine - welcome to the Forum, and thank you for sharing your faith history. So very sorry for your continued pain in the loss of your son. We each grieve in our personal manner, and I can only imagine the pain you are confronted with each day. Hallelujah that you do have Christ, and your husband. And your cats. My Abigail is very comfortable on my lap right now, while I contort my arms to accommodate her. LOL

          I look forward to more engaging posts from you!

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            Hi and thank you, William, Theophilus, PermaFrost and Trysch, for your welcomes! :) And, for saying what you did to me about my late son, Trysch. And, about those personal stories of mine--I've learned that, given enough of a chance, those stories literally just begin rolling off my finger tips on this keyboard, and into message board notes like nobody's business! So, I'm sure, if we're around long enough, God willing, I'll talk about so many of them you'll begin to think I'm more than just one person sitting here at this end. :D
            TY, again, and God bless you all.
            Pax Christi,

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