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Who Am I?

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    Who Am I?

    Who am I?
    Sometimes I wonder...
    I am a disciple...stumbling along an old, rocky path
    An angel? No...just a woman...
    Straining just to touch the hem of His garment
    Longing to be closer, ever closer to Him
    I am a mother...my children are grown...my nest is empty
    But no...I am a grandmother, and I am still needed
    I am a great grandmother! Once again, I sing pretty lullabyes
    As I cuddle soft innocence in my arms
    Who am I?
    I see my reflection looking back at me...
    My father's hazel eyes that reflect my every mood
    Deep emotions will change them from soft brown to green
    No secrets will they keep
    Hair gone silver now...not as thick and curly as it once was
    Falling softly around a bemused smile
    The woman in the mirror...young for my years
    Although those laugh lines are showing
    Who am I?
    I am a dreamer...I know the world is a good place
    Full of wonderful, caring neighbors and friends
    But I see the way that it is changing, and I fear for the future
    A future I will not see...
    I am a friend...I am wise in my years...I love to give advice
    But I am also foolish...the child in me refuses to grow up
    Although I am growing old
    I still believe in the magic of childhood
    My little dog, my Raggedy Andy...he is the light of my eyes
    He is my joy and my comfort
    Always by my side, always ready with a tail wag or a snuggle
    When I need a hug

    Who am I?
    I am a child
    I am a mother, a lover, a friend
    I am old and wise, I am young and silly
    I am a woman
    Full of love, with a big, warm heart
    But full of sadness, too
    I am a writer, I am a bard
    A teller of tales, a singer of songs
    I am a poet
    Who am I?
    Sometimes I wonder...

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