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Hi my name is jacob

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  • Hi my name is jacob

    I am atheist and I'm trying to come to some kind of understanding of the bible and God. I was hoping to find someone who could help with that on this forum.

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    The only way anyone comes to Christ is if faith be given to him by the Father. Also, no one can come to Christ except the Father draw him. Perhaps, Jacob you are being drawn to Christ. The Bible is the true, inerrant word of God, so by reading it, you will get to know God on a personal level.
    Are you looking for the truth about life after death? Can you tell of any church experiences or experiences which may be drawing your interest? This can be expanded on, but I don't want to overload you with too much too fast. The fact you are here apparently looking for answers could show that the Father is drawing you to His Son for salvation.
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