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  • New Guy Here

    The truth is I joined on 10/20/2015. Since then I have been reading posts and just checking things out. My interests are Hebrew, Aramaic (and other cognate languages) Greek, Latin, textual criticism, exegesis, philosophy, theology and ancient history.

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    Welcome Origen,

    Quite an impressive list of interests. Welcome to the forum, happy to have you.

    God bless,

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      Forgot something. Before any one asks me about my screen name, no I am not origenist. I simply find him a fascinating person. I in no way indorse his theology or philosophy in whole.

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        Hi Origen,

        Hope you do not mind my curiosity? Are you Christian, if so how long since you first received the Lord? Whereabouts are you located? Are you an active member at a church?

        I am not really familiar with Origen, but we do have a Christian History sub-forum. Feel free to contribute to our database if you wish. Also, it appears we lack a philosophy section in the forum. Our Suggestions and Questions forum would be best suited if you wished to see or contribute an outline of such a section.

        God bless,

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          Not a problem at all.

          (1) I am a Christian.
          (2) Since 1980
          (3) Nashville, TN
          (4) Yes I am an active member of a church.

          I often get asked about Origen/Origenism because of my screen name. Some people take it as a bad sign and thus want to inquire about my theological beliefs. So for the record, I believe that the Bible alone is the holy and inspired word of God. I believe in the full deity and full humanity of Jesus. I believe that Christ is the one and only means\path of salvation. I believe in the trinity (i.e. the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are the one true God).

          Origen was a brilliant man, a scholar, perhaps the first true Christian scholar. However I do not agree with him on many, many points.

          I hope this clarifies everything.
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