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My name is Tristan

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    My name is Tristan


    I have dedicated myself to Christ recently in a prayer to the Father in which I begged for wisdom that will give me an edge over the preachers that corral lost souls into a wicked pen called "Cultural Christianity." I have asked that if he wills to use me as an instrument of admonishment, that he give this to me once I obtain a high level of asceticism. Around two months ago I began reading the bible for the first time, an old King James Gideon, that my grandfather let me keep when I asked him for it. I have found that the bible is very, very, very easy to understand. It actually is, and I've only seen superfluous displays throughout my life of "Christian scholarship" and even degrees devoted to Christian orthodoxy, but this text really requires no in-depth exegesis at all. It is very simple to understand, but I do find it extremely--nearly impossible--to follow, as it requires the abandonment of everything external.

    What led me to Christ was suffering; immense suffering. There is no point in avoiding it, and escapisms only bring despair. In the story of Noah we see that God suffers when he must wipe clean the Earth, and upon reading this it became very clear to me that if the Father, being all good, experiences suffering, then suffering cannot be an evil. It is a vital characteristic of holiness, and sin is the desperate attempt to escape it. I have embraced it, and I hope to bring others to this conclusion as well.

    Welcome Trist!

    Hope your time and engagement here in fellowship with us is fruitful.

    God bless,

      Hello and welcome Trist

        Welcome to Christ Forums Tristan, God bless.

          Welcome to the forum. I hope you will find your experience here helpful.
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