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    Hello, I'm from Spain, although currently living in Sofia (yes, from a Catholic to an Orthodox country, though I've never professed either of them) and I've found and registered in this forum with a very specific purpose in mind: to ask you what to read.
    As I'm not sure where to post my enquiry, I'll take advantage of this salutation to expose it, and please address me to the proper subforum should its discussion here be avoided.

    A decisive book in my relationship with the Bible has been De servo arbitrio, which I read in a beautiful Catalan translation; as the translation I daily read is the KJV, I would like to have a copy of an English On the bondage of the will to study, but I know not which edition is the best for my purporse. It looks like Henry Cole did a good job with an annotated edition and elegant wording, but I wanted to have an informed opinion -so I'm very glad to have found this forum.
    Also, I would be very interested in an annotated compilation of Luther more explicit political writings (i.e. those on the Peasants' War).

    That is the first part of my question -which is the best English edition of De servo arbitrio. Now, the second: what should I read from Calvin? I should remark that I want to read him, and not just about his teachings (though some secondary sources would be welcome, of course). Unlike most users here, my background as you can imagine is weak on Protestant teachings -so you may be tempted to offer me milk instead of meat, but please don't do so. Give me both if you think it necessary, but don't keep me away from the sunlight. Therefore, what I'm asking for is to know whether there's, let's say, an equivalent to De servo arbitrio in Calvinian production, such a work that synthetyses the foundations of his faith.

    Thank you.

    Wellcome areader

      Welcome to the forum. If you want to read something by Calvin, it would probably be best to start with his Institutes of the Christian Religion.
      Clyde Herrin's Blog

        Welcome areader. Hope you are having a good time in this very friendly forum. You will love your time here as you are exposed to a lot of different pieces of information daily and this is a good place to make friends also to learn. See you around :)

          Thank you all for the welcome, and thank you, @theophilus, for pointing out this massive work. I see I have a long way before me.

            Originally posted by areader View Post
            Thank you all for the welcome, and thank you, @theophilus, for pointing out this massive work. I see I have a long way before me.
            I have yet to get through the Christian Institutes. But I will say that I usually or most always check what I am about to say against Calvin's exegesis and Matthew Henry (Calvinist) before I post. Just for FYI, Calvin's commentary is available for Esword as well as Matthew Henry's and also the Geneva Bible's footnotes.

            God bless,

              Thanks, William, I didn't know that tool.
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