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College help

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    College help

    Hello everyone, my name is Riley i'm 18 years old. I know this is slightly out of the ordinary but i'm a little desperate for money. You see i'm a college student struggling to get by.. my mother died 4 months ago and my father left at a young age. I had promised her i wouldnt drop out of college and that i would finish through but it is so difficult working 2 jobs while maintaining a 4.0 gpa. I know god's plan for me will be great and i know that i'm working hard to invision my future. College is hard and being on my own is tough. I'm too ashamed to ask for help at the church i regularly attend.. so i thought i'd try my fellow internet believers.
    Anything will go a long way!! Thanks so much!! God Bless!

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    Hello Rills,

    What is wrong with College loans?

    Your best bet is to ask from people that you know, including your church. It is my suggestion that you put your pride to the side and ask for help or spread awareness of your circumstance through your church. Perhaps in your congregation's collective wisdom some alternatives may be known to you.

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    God bless,
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