We encourage new members to post a short introduction of themselves in this Christian forum category. Get to know each other and share your common interests or tell us what church you go to etc.

Not good at introductions...

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    Not good at introductions...

    I am not good at introductions, but because I don't want to wade into a new forum, and start asking questions, "cold", I might as well state things. I have been Christian (Protestant) since I was young. I don't recall when I accepted Christ, but it was well before I left elementary school, mainly because I had my brother and father die when I was still growing up, so I reconciled that people die early on. I do wonder some things though, but those are for another topic.

    Hello and welcome mlts22


      You can ask your questions here and someone might be able to point you to a topic all about it.
      Or a simple question could just be answered.

      Welcome Mats are like standing around the water cooler making introductions. You can ask where stuff is at. ;)

        Welcome mlts22!

        Hope to see you in other threads, enjoy!

        God bless,
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