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  • Good afternoon

    I am very happy to find this forum seeing that I have been kicked off Facebook for my Christian views. It is sad to see my country speeding swiftly towards Revelations 13, knowing there is nothing more that can be done for America, I believe it is a country is past trying to save and true Christians now should draw back to the safety of the word and let this nation perish. I have been saved since Nov 14,1985 in Memphis Tenn. and I consider myself a bible strict believer unflinching and unbothered by the wretched world about me.

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    Welcome to the forum. You might be right about it being too late to save America, but God sometimes acts when our situation seems hopeless. When Hezekiah was king there was a time when the Assyrians besieged Jerusalem after conquering the rest of the country but God delivered them. We should continue to pray for revival in America but still be prepared to suffer persecution if our prayers aren't answered.
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      Hi dan rush. Now I can brag on you like Paul bragged on other believers. I'm proud of you. Continue to pray to the Lord for his will be done for all the nations.
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