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My long overdue Introduction

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    My long overdue Introduction


    My name is William. I look forward to engaging with others here in fellowship. I am Christian, Reformed, and Orthodox Presbyterian to be specific. I am in my early 40s and spend most of my time throughout the day working on this personal christian website despite being disabled.

    A little history about myself, although baptized as a youth in a Presbyterian church, I was educated in Roman Catholic schools. When I left for the military at age 18 (Desert Storm) I went through a decade without worship or exercising faith in a private or corporate atmosphere. Some ten years ago I found myself in a non-denominational church (Calvary Chapel) and then an Evangelical church (Gateway). The turning point in my life has to be Reformation Theology. Some two years ago I met up with some great folks in CARM. Soon later I conceded to sound doctrine, and admitted some of my doctrinal errors. This was a major change in my life considering up to this point I believed emphasis should not be placed on doctrine in order not to divide the body of Christ. Since then, I have come to understand that sound doctrine does divide, the sheep from the goats, the wheat from the tares etc... I began a study which to this day is part of my daily routine. Thereafter, my wife, most curious agreed to follow me to a Reformed church, the OPC, where we became official members a little more than a year ago. I love Reformation Theology and am very passionate about these studies. The 5 Solae (the five pillars of Reformation Theology) and Calvinism or what is known as the doctrines of Grace has led me to a tighter and closer relationship to our Lord Jesus Christ. I'll never forget the night I was reading some of the writings by John Calvin, I finally grasped the T.U.L.I.P and responded by streaming tears for a good part of an hour. The Bible itself, though the covers be opened some thousands of times still remained a closed book to me. Through the TULIP's hermeneutical lens the Scriptures aligned, and truly I understood at that moment "by Grace" for the very first time.

    Anyhoot, enough about me. Looking forward to engaging with others here.

    God bless,
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