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Greetings from the Philippines

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  • Greetings from the Philippines

    Hey there! I'm new here (obviously)... I joined because, well, I wanna learn more about religion and faith and God. I'm a Catholic. I studied at a Catholic school in high school and college. I've had religion subjects in class and I aced them. Still, I have many questions which are left unanswered. I do believe in God but I know am a bit confused about established religion and its goal here. I'd like to share my beliefs and my views regarding Catholicism and Christianity and other religions as well.

    I hope we all get along. I'm sure I'll have a fun time here. I hope you'll be able to bear with me. :)

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    Welcome lindbergh!

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      Welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay here! Now let's make some posts together!!

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        Hi lindbergh

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          Hi lindbergh
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