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Greetings and a tip-o-the- hat

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  • Greetings and a tip-o-the- hat

    And again.....Greetings! In this case my username is Bobby Cole. In most discussion groups I am known as preacherbob or just plain Bobby.
    I like to stick with reality so Bobby Cole is my first and middle name and in the case of preacherbob I am a home missions retired minister. It makes things easy.
    Just like the Word(s) of God. It's pretty easy really as long as we take the time to do some study and most importantly...........listen.

    That's me in a nut shell! Easy. I am hoping to have a good time in fellowship with everyone here and perhaps, just perhaps we can even learn something along the way. God Bless.........Bobby

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    Welcome to the forum Bobby Cole

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      Welcome Bobby!!!
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