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Hello brothers and sisters

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    Hello brothers and sisters

    Hello my fellow Christians. I'm a Christian who is trying to serve God as best as I can. I enjoy computers and technologies. I will be very happy to talk with other believers. :)

    I do have a possible concern regarding this forum. See, I was at another forum before and I could not be there, because it seemed to me that whole forum just panders to atheists and heretics. They just give a lip service to Christianity and basically everything under the sun is allowed (mocking Christians, liberalism, insults, promotion of heresy and atheism etc.) even if it goes against Christian faith. If the opposite happened at some atheist board they will be banned in an instant. I think there is no reason for a Christian board to cater to atheists. So my question is, will this place also be like that forum? Or will the actual Christians be able to talk to each other without snide and ridicule from non-believers? Because, if it is the former, I am out of here.


    Originally posted by inlight12 View Post
    Because, if it is the former, I am out of here.
    I'm outta here too if that's what is going on. :eek:

    In all seriousness, welcome to Christforums, inlight.

    Hope your fellowship here is fruitful.

    God bless,

      Hello inlight12

        Welcome to the forum. I have been or forums like the one you describe and I can assure you that this forum isn't anything like it.
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