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  • Hollywood's Take On Christian Stories

    One of the weirdest thing I've ever watched was Batman be Moses. Though Lannister playing Horus is in the running for strange. I just want to complain about the laziness of Hollywood when doing bible stories. If they can't stick to the story as it's written, why can't they take the elements they like and make a different movie. Exodus, the movie, was a very strange remix of Moses's story with a strange child playing God. It was just a collection of strange story elements that weren't in the original story that made it a different story. They could have changed the names, the place, and kept the storyline they liked and called it something else. I felt like I got tricked into paying for an expensive ticket to see an epic bible story and got something else entirely. I was lucky to hear enough bad reviews of Noah, not to go see it but I heard it was a train wreck too. If Hollywood is so afraid to alienate the world with a Christian biased movie, why reference bible stories? The only Hollywood grade movie I've seen that were Nativity and One Night With The King, and the last one has some issues but overall is enjoyable and relatively close. What are your opinions on Hollywood 'Chrisitan-ish' movies?

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    Yes, I agree the whitewashing is a standard at the moment with most American movies. You should have seen their rendition of Japanese anime, such as Dragon Ball Z. They're all white, and the supporting cast aren't even Japanese. Just remotely Asian, close enough to get at least some of the minorities to watch the film. It's that simple, and I don't think there is a solution to this aside from maybe boycotting the film or creating a complaint. But aside from that, there's really nothing we can do. For me, I just don't watch them.

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      I don't think it so much laziness but more of an attempt not to "offend" non-christians with a dramatic portrayal of the accounts in the bible. I really wish folks like Kirk Cameron and the guys behind films like Courageous would do a faithful telling of these stories. The only problem we run into though is caliber of actors is just not the same between these kinds of production companies. Generally, when Christian organizations endeavor to make a movie from biblical accounts it usually comes off as cheesy, or just poorly done.

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        I went to see "Noah" last year. It was rubbish and only had a passing acquaintance with the Biblical story.

        Recently my wife and I bought a box set of old Holywood Biblical stories under the title "the Greatest Stories Ever Told", The ones we have watched so far are OK as films but again only a passing acquaintance with the proper story (or none at all in the case of "Demetrius the Galdiator"). But we were both disappointed with "The Greatest Story Ever Told" which was so bad we gave up watching it part way through.

        The best Bible stories on film that I ahve seen were animations. I think Holywood is too obsessed with spectacle.


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          My favorite Hollywood adaptation was "The Prince of Egypt" - they give a disclaimer before the movie starts that it is an interpretation. And is a fantastic film. For that one, I figured if it got people interested in God and the Bible, it was a good thing.

          I think part of the appeal of biblical epics is because they are truly some of the greatest stories out there. Hollywood pretty much butchers everything it touches - you won't find much realism or truth in almost any of its movies, including "based on a true story" ones.

          Not trying to condone what they do, by any means, but it isn't limited to just Bible characters.

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            Originally posted by Bede View Post
            I went to see "Noah" last year. It was rubbish and only had a passing acquaintance with the Biblical story.
            Bede you are being too kind. That movie was much worse than rubbish.


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              Has anyone seen the new Ben-Hur? How does it stack up to the old one?

              I have yet to even see the original, but would like to get someone's take on it.

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                Here is a really great Christian movie "TIME CHANGER" came out in 2004 I think. This shows really how far we have come from 1864. We show it to our grandkids and we enjoy it every time. I get challenged to walk closer to Christ every time I watch it. See it? what's your take.

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