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Ouch! This came out of my mouth

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    Ouch! This came out of my mouth

    I had my lower wisdom teeth surgically removed months ago. I was in a lot of pain and needed pain killers for near a month and half. My surgeon would not return my calls to follow up with the surgery. I had to find another dentist. It was difficult for me to convince the new dentist that I was in pain and not addicted to pain killers. Well, nearly two and a half months later a protrusion began to stick out of the gum where one wisdom tooth was removed. Over the course of two days it began to rise while increasing in size. The object was sharp and discomforting. Last night I finally was able to grab the end of it and pull. Over an inch long and jagged. This is what came out from below the gum: is it a bone fragment or part of a tooth? I have a dentist appointment tomorrow to bring this to my dentist's attention.

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    I hope you start to feel better.

      I recently had a wisdom tooth pulled. It had a cavity in it and it was cheaper to pull than fill.

      William, did they put you under, or were you awake?

        I was awake, although they blind folded me. They surgically removed two and the other two were just pulled. I got to feel the surgeon cut one tooth into four pieces, split it with a chisel and hammer, and pull and twist the bits that were fused to my jawbone.

        Wasn't a great experience.

          Originally posted by William View Post
          Wasn't a great experience.
          I don't think I'll take your word for it! I'll arrange a surgical extraction this summer, and I'll be the judge of how great an experience it is!

          I had a wisdom tooth filled rather than pulled because it didn't have a corresponding tooth to bite with. But, the Dentist says another wisdom tooth, that's impacted, should be surgically removed because it's causing bone loss (doesn't hurt at all) and eventually I'll lose more than just the the wisdom tooth if I don't act.

            I was given the option of being put under. The shots were effective, couldn't feel much during the surgery. It was after those shots wore off that the problems began.

            And I too have tremendous bone loss from two impacted wisdom teeth, they were growing sideways below the gum line. I heard the surgeon comment that the roots were pure black, and he asked me if I took lots of antibiotics when a child. Guess they are related somehow. Anyhoot, like you, I was told that I would be in dentures within years if they weren't removed, having put this off for some 20 years.

              Just a followup. The piece was from my jawbone. My jawbone was actually broken, and explains why I was in so much pain for so long.

                uh ouch

                  Oh wow, OUCH is right! You men are so brave! I'd have been in hysterical tears! I never had my wisdom teeth pulled, but partly because, for some unknown reason, two of them just came loose, and fell out painlessly, and 2 grew in normally, and ended up taking the place of molars that had to be pulled years before that. I've had other teeth just become loose and fall out painlessly, too, over the years, and I find myself wondering if it's not due to some mercy from the Lord, due to how much pain my teeth caused me while growing up. [An Army dentist snidely told me once that he and the other dentists bet that I'd lose all my teeth by the time I was 30, since all my back teeth had been filled to the max by the time I was in my late teens. Well, until recently, I kept nearly all of them and in good shape, too! :) And, I also think maybe the Lord is having mercy on me, where my teeth are concerned, due to how expensive dental work is, and how little we could spare for it these days. I trust you are now fully recovered from all that you had to go through, William, and, God willing, you are doing just fine by now. :)
                  Yours in Christ,

                    Thank you Christine, I am pretty much fully recovered now.

                    God bless,
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