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Bad Bedtime Story

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  • Bad Bedtime Story


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      That's the weirdest bedtime story I've ever heard. It made me laugh though, so thank you. The strange mass up of evolution and Genesis is on point thought.

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        That's kind of why I love history and reading about it; it contains so much bloodshed, chaos, betrayal, rebuilding, destruction, that no matter what, humans have been so resilient that they still managed to rebuild after they lost, get back up and start again, and it all leads to us in the present, enjoying life filled with advanced health care, comfortable living conditions, and technology that can do most of the work for us. It's kind of inspiring actually, and not at all scary, that people all over the world, even after all the dark times, they still manage to get up and say to life, is that all you got?? And that, I think is an amazing quality of us humans.

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          Very funny
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