Wretched: David Platt: Don't Ask Jesus Into Your Heart.

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  • Wretched: David Platt: Don't Ask Jesus Into Your Heart.

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    I felt so bad for the pastor because God must have hit him so hard with the epiphany that no where in the bible does it say that you need to accept Jesus into your heart. Which sounds so strange because I grew up hearing that except in my country churches, they're more repent or go to hell, kind of hardcore which I like. He's almost in tears with guilt that he's been spending the God's grace wrong because he didn't know better. There is such heart when he coveys his passion for God. It's so interesting how some things in church we take for granted for always being 'Christian' might not be.

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      Who's running the verbs is what I've been taught because it makes sense that if I"m the one doing the verbs it's me doing my salvation instead of the Christ who died but if it's Christ running the verbs, as we know it is, then that's properly theology of the cross. God is the one working us into salvation, He dies for us, He changes us and He will resurrect us on the last day and we have been given faith to believe in this and the asking Jesus into your heart stuff isn't in scripture and puts the verbs back onto man boasting that he's a Christian because he dahdahdah...you know what i mean?

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        [[[“If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word. My Father will love him, and we will come to him and make Our home with him.]]]. This are Jesus words. And elsewhere He says, ask and it shall be given. If the King says we can ask for anything in His name, why shouldn't we ask Him to come make His Home with us?
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