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Let's Push Google and Microsoft to have Safe Search results by default!

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  • Let's Push Google and Microsoft to have Safe Search results by default!

    Parents have few easy tools to protect their children, and even a savvy parent can do practically nothing against such things as Google search. Imagine a girl, say 10 or 11, searches for "nasty dares" or something like that, innocuous to the child, and up pops a sea of hardcore porn images, that automatically expand to large size when moused over. Maybe she's just searching for Cheerleaders. These images can't be blocked without blocking the whole Google search engine, or by having a Google account and going in and selecting Safe search, and then making sure the account is logged into before searches are done.

    If an adult deliberately showed such images to a child, it would be a crime, and rightly so. Yet, Google gets away with virtually shoving such imagines into the face of unsuspecting children. Millions of times each day.

    Youtube filters porn by default. But, Youtube started this practice before Google bought it. Why should we not expect the same for Google search? If you want to seach for porn, create an account and turn off the Safe search feature. It won't stop any kid wanting porn, but it will go far to stop accidental porn encounters. Google would be torched if they let the n-word or racist images appear at the top of innocent searches, but offend a Christian or a mere parent and you'll will hardly hear a squeak.

    Maybe Christians have better things to do than hold Google responsible for assaulting our children, like stirring up war with Iran over a weapons program that Iran doesn't have, because this strategy worked so well in Iraq. Or, maybe come out with another Bible app, because ten thousand Bible apps in the app store still isn't enough (vs. making one browser extension to filter dangerous searches, or creating a family-friendly search engine that isn't garbage)?

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    I believe you bring up some good points. My concern is where do we draw the line? For example, society dictates sodomy as legal, should Google ban or penalize websites such as us for holding to a non legal view? I also think parents are responsible and not Google, and I am reluctant to empower Government or corporations with the education and responsibility of bringing up my children, thus, I pause at the obvious.... if this were imposed on Google those people like me would have their rights infringed upon because of those failing to take responsibility for their children.

    If anything, I would petition Google for a more in depth and flexible personalized filter system. Google would be forced to release key search phrases in finding certain material that is questionable along with requiring meta information for any media published. I would then have the option of using those key word phrases in my filter to block my child from viewing such as precautionary measures. Other than that, the only other option I would think possible would be to require a license to publish content on the internet, besides requiring a minimum age to use or publish material on the internet. The license would register the type of content .... but then we need worry about interactive websites such as this where anyone can post material. What if Google licensed me to publish family safe material and a competitor came on and published porn pictures during the night hours that slipped by or were noticed by a Google spider? I would be taken out of the rankings. Goes back to being responsible, I would be responsible to ensure these things would not occur or face penalty whether financial or not. Google, I'm sure would slip out from under the law and place the responsibility squarely upon my shoulders.

    Just some additional thoughts, while I agree with you.

    God bless,

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      Complaints of censorship have gone far in intimidating Christians from speaking up who might wish to protect their children. But, Google already practices censorship and manipulates search results (for political correctness). Ron Paul use to defend his earmark attachments on bills not as acts of hypocrisy but as helping the people he represents benefit the same from the current system as everyone else benefits, even if he's against the [then] current system of earmarks. As long as Google is already filtering, with filters that can't be turned off, here's something else they should fitler...

      I'm not calling for government intervention, but for social pressure on Google. And, not to create a filter that's difficult to bypass, but only to use their current filter by default, as youtube already does without controversy or undue blocking.

      Google probably already does push down "homophobic" search results. Google's not going to change their practices in this regard if they're pushed to have their Safe search filter on by default. A flexible system would be great, but their current Safe search, blocking of porn, should be the default.

      There are ways to catch people trying to cheat the system, such as letting users flag inappropriate content.

      I'm very much concerned with Google filtering conservative or Christian content. Norton's Family DNS filter blocks a Christian news website because of "abortion" (yet, doesn't block any non-Christian news sites for abortion). But, a general porn filter shouldn't result in errant over-filtering nor justify the censorship of other things.

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        I'd much prefer to push through a filter from the browser (Firefox, Chrome, and or Microsoft). The difference between Google and Youtube is from a Youtube account data published is marked with meta information that can be filtered. Google does not require this from site owners, but this would end up where I was going... with either a Microsoft type Passport for media publication or a license. Otherwise, Google would be forced to actually identify pictures like facial recognition programs to not let data slip by. Either way, the end user or data publisher will be penalized. Here's a browser filter for Firefox: Fox Filter

        If anything we should support such open source projects and make aware the programs for Christian parents. I may test this and post these things in a separate thread.

        God bless,

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          Check this out. When I typed "sex" in the search engine:

          Click image for larger version

Name:	screenshot-foxfilter 2015-08-07 15-31-50.png
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          by the way.... what I actually recommend is a good router that logs webpages visited by your home network. You can review them from time to time. No matter what program is being used the traffic will display on the PC network logs. Likewise, your argument could be served to internet providers such as Comcast.

          Fact is, this virtual world simulates the World. You are asking for a moral standard and enforcement of said standard in the World.

          God bless,
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