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  • Saying Grace?

    Do you say Grace before meals or before eating? I know some denominations do, while others don't, so I was curious.

    Baptist friends say a small prayer, the Catholics parts of the family cross themselves and some of the Anglicans don't say it as their tradition is to give thanks for the good that day before sleep. What are your habits? Does it change by denomination or geographic location?

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    Every night before dinner, I say prayer with my family. It's usually just a short little prayer that just thanks God for the food and asks him to bless it and nourish it to our bodies. I personally don't say it before breakfast or lunch unless I'm sitting down with my family for those meals. I think it changes person to person rather than denomination or geographic location because it really depends on what you decide you want to do. I would say that saying grace before meals or eating is up to you and your relationship with God.

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      I say prayers before meal and I think the correct order is to pray before meals. The prayer is to thank God for the provision and sanctify the food before eating. I have no knowledge if the pattern of this prayer do change with other denomination(s). It's a good thing to always pray and give thanks for not just meals alone, everything we enjoy from God.

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        I think that no matter what faith or denomination you are, it's just common sense to be thankful for the wonderful things that come your way every day - and that includes the meals that you eat. I know it's very easy for some of us to take these things for granted, but look around you in the world and see how some people are living who don't have those things you take for granted and you will always find it really easy to say 'thank you' for every meal.

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          I always pray before every meal. I don't know, we were doing that since I was young so I do it even today. Sometimes, even a simple snack like chips or sodas from a store. I feel like every time we eat, aside from waking up in the morning, is a blessing.
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